Year Round Pool Care


If your pool has been covered all winter long, Spring is the time to remove the cover, clean it, and store it. Water levels on covered pools should be brought to 3/4 the way up on skimmers. Uncovered pools should be completely drained of any remaining water, thoroughly cleaned, and filled with fresh water.

Both covered and uncovered pools should have all winterization plugs removed, pump plugs inserted, and filter pumps started up. Finally, be sure to balance your pool's water chemistry.

Is your pool in need of a makeover? Spring is also a great time to resurface and replaster your pool to have it looking great and operating safely in time for the busy summer season!


The busy Summer season is the time your pool gets the most use. To keep your pool safe and healthy during this prime time, it is important to maintain the chemical balance, clean commercial pools daily, and residential pools regularly. Have your pumps, filters, and C.A.T. controllers checked and maintained periodically to ensure they are all in proper working order.

If you have a guarded pool, be sure to contact Coastline Pool Services to schedule your guards and pool attendants in advance.


When the pool is closed for the season, a winterization service is needed. This includes cleaning of the pool, and lowering the water level below skimmers. Algaecide chemicals should be added and water blown from pipes. Be sure to remove and store ladders, etc. Finally, cover your pool.

If you do not have a cover, Fall is a great time to have one installed to protect the pool from being stained by debris over the winter.


Although most pools get little to no use in the winter, there are still steps you should take to maintain your pool and keep in in top shape for opening season in the spring.

Leaves should be periodically removed from mesh covers and pool decks to prevent staining. Sump pumps should be checked regularly on solid covers. Be sure to check the heaters in the pump room to ensure they remain in proper working order. Water levels should remain below the tile line.

Winter is also a good time to clean, repair, or replace faulty equipment, or equip your pool with automated C.A.T controllers.

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