Lifeguard & Pool Attendant Services

Lifeguard Servicelifeguard

The safety of your pool guests is very important to us. That's why Coastline Pool Services hires and trains only the most professional lifeguards. We are a certified Ellis & Associates Lifeguard Training Center, meaning we certify our own guards right here on premises. This allows us to know for a fact that all of our lifeguards meet or exceed the required training necessary to be a profesional and proficient lifeguard. Our E&A guards are also CPR, AED, and First Aid certified as part of their training.  With our guards on duty, you can rest assured that your guests will enjoy a safe and successful swim season! We employ three full time instructors to conduct this training and also to complete constant refresher training. 

Pool Attendants

Pool attendants are not lifeguard certified, however they share many of the same responsibilities as our lifeguards. With the safety and well being of your pool guests being the main priority. Our attendants monitor guest behavior, enforce general pool rules, and ensure that only the properly authorized people are using the pool. Additionally, Coastline pool attendants provide general cleaning to the pool and deck area.


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